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  • TACHWASCO’s commitment is aimed at achieving high levels of Customer Experience over the duration of our relationship with all stakeholders, as such, we are committed to providing;
  • Reliability
  • Ensuring that the flow of water at the taps is continuous and that downtimes are short, few or non-existent; and guaranteeing that water is available, if not within the building, a short distance away – ideally less than 30 meters. It should not take more than 30 minutes in urban areas or more than two kilometers in rural areas to collect water.
  • Accessibility
  • The promise to ensure that the population in the service has access to water services. Accessibility can be looked at in four overlapping dimensions: physical accessibility, economic accessibility, non-discrimination, and information accessibility. Of critical importance inaccessibility is affordability. TACHWASCO will endeavor to provide water that is priced reasonably, whose per-unit cost structure is in tandem with other water services providers in other parts of the country and which considers the economic wherewithal of its target market.
  • Quality
  • TACHWASCO will ensure that the water provided is safe to drink by strictly adhering to international standards of quality water – both health-related and aesthetic (appearance, taste, and odor) related standards. This assurance relates to the whole water production system – treatment, storage, and distribution. The water we provide will be free from micro-organisms, chemical substances, and radiological hazards that constitute a threat to a person’s health. Furthermore, the water shall be odorless and sparkling clear.

To emphasize our commitment, we guarantee the following service standards and reinforce them with comprehensive policies where applicable.

Customer Service

  1. The Company undertakes to resolve all reported customer complaints and communicate to the customer upon resolution of the complaints.
  2. The Company undertakes to communicate immediately all water supply interruptions, water quality discrepancies, special project updates and challenges requiring customer attention through hand-delivered notices, the media, telephone, or SMS.
  3. The company shall call major customers and estate representatives to confirm the status of water supply services on a daily basis.
  4. All our staff shall display their identification cards at all times while on duty.
  5. The Company shall communicate due date for bill payment through SMS bills

3.2 Reliable Quality Water Always

We undertake to ensure an adequate and consistent supply of clean and potable water that meets the standards of regulatory and statutory institutions including Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB)Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)NEMAWorld Health Organization and Ministry of Water & Irrigation.