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TAWASCO’s area coverage is 32km2 with approximately 28,769 people. The company has 903 active connections with households and institutions which translates to coverage of 64%. In terms of water provision, the region is categorized into areas that are well served, that are underserved on drought season, and not served. There are two main gravity schemes; Kipyaor scheme is affected by the drought season March to April. The residents served by the Kipyaor scheme living further from the treatment lack or experience rationing for the two months depending on the intensity of the drought bit the rest of the year water is available in their taps 24hrs a day. They constitute 10% of customer base.  50% of TAWASCO’s customer base has a continuous throughout the year, 7% of customer base have personal gravity lines while 29% don’t have access to supply hence they depend on raw water from rivers and springs.

Most customers are willing and able to pay their bills except for a few individuals. With the continuous sensitization on the importance/benefits of using safe water, the number is gradually coming down. TAWASCO’s tariff is the lowest among water companies 0-6m3 for Ksh. 90. It is very affordable even to low income residents. A new scheme Maraba is under implementation, this will address underserved areas and increase coverage by connecting approximately 500 new connections.


To be the most effective water service provider.


TAWASCO is committed to providing safe, adequate, and affordable water services to its customers.

Core principles.

  • Uphold transparency, professionalism, and accountability.
  • Provide information to consumers and stakeholders transparently.
  • Handle clients with dignity and, courtesy and respect
  • Promote innovation to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in service provision
  • Institutionalize monitoring and evaluation to keep track of performance in the company.
  •  Protect the legal existence and independence of the company to discharge its mandate.

Customer Care Services

The customer is the center of our business and it is our mandate as TACHWASCO to ensure that we consistently provide our customers with a satisfactory experience, give solutions to their daily water-related needs and overall provide quality services to the community we serve.