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TAWASCO experienced a major setback in the year 2018. Kamelil, a major scheme with the highest number of connections experienced landslides throughout the year.  The scheme had a total of 503 connections but only 230 connections had water the rest could not get because of the mainline pass through the landslide-prone area. This slightly reduced revenue collection from Ksh.2, 043,961 in 2017 to Ksh. 1,910,237 in 2018. Nevertheless, the company made the following improvements:

  • Increased connections from 870 to 960 by Dec. 2019
  • The company acquired 200 new meters that were installed on initially unmetered, new connections and replaced some spoilt meters. Metering is at 90% currently.
  • The hours of supply remain at 24 hrs.
  • Service coverage increased from 60 % in 2017 to 64% in 2019.
  • Staff productivity in2017 was 11 as in 2018 was at 10.
  • Personnel expenditure has reduced from 42% in 2017 to 40% in 2018.
  • The company conducts bacteriological tests by the aid of a simple test kit comprising of petrifilms and other apparatus.
  • A new project infrastructure Maraba scheme is under construction. The project plan comprises intake, 10km pipeline 4” to the first 25m3 tank and two lines 2” each to feed two reservoir tanks. Once the project is complete, 500 more connections will be made and there will be additional  revenue collection. The company hopes to increase service coverage from 64% to 73%.

The project costs Ksh. 7.4 m.  Half of the amount was given as a grant and the other half a loan from KCB. The loan will be paid in monthly equal installments for 5 years (60) months.

Construction of intake is complete whole pipeline is on progress.  The project will be complete by January 2020